Salt for the Eclipse
Using witchcraft and kink to make space for ecstatic mystery, ancient wisdom, fertile arts, and trauma healing in an apocalyptic era.


A painting: delicate, wispy, and muted except for the red garb of the titular whore, topless on a multiheaded beast.

New Moon (Again): Great Beast, Scarlet Woman

15 min read
A pre-Raphaelite painting of a male and female couple encountering their exact likenesses, to some a

New Moon: To be, and not to be

It's Friday. Hello. I have meditations today for New Moon mysteries. They may be rather short, but in this brevity
9 min read
Something that looks like a giant candle is burning on top, in the middle of a metal firepit. It's nighttime beyond.

Last Quarter: Six months of healing

Hello. It's Friday, and it's also been six months since I began Salt for the Eclipse. In that time, more
16 min read
An engraving of a very large cage shaped like a human, filled with humans, capped by a lifelike male head. Fire is beneath.

Full Moon: Fertility & sacrifice

20 min read
A woodcutting that reads "8 hours for work, 8 hours for rest, 8 hours what we will," with illustrations.

Solar Summer + First Quarter: All work is work

Hello. It's a beautiful, sunny, dew-kissed Friday morning here, and this house's creeping phlox is blooming. That's the sign I
18 min read
A lot of naked people with Greco-Roman hairstyles are having sex together in a fancy room.

New Moon: Indulging vs. living deliciously

Hello. It's Friday, and having opened up comments to all subscribers, I'm diving right ahead today into the next big
16 min read
A close-up view of some pussy willows with grey catkins.

Special Announcement: Commenting unlocked for free subscribers!

Hello everyone. I interrupt my normal Friday editions to let you know that as of this week, commenting is now
1 min read
A two-storey prison cell block. It's in disrepair and clearly isn't used anymore. A few people are walking around it.

Last Quarter: The great dung ball rolls on

19 min read
The silvery disc of the moon's near side, riddled with dark maria

Full Moon: Lunar magic & its myths

Hello and good afternoon. It's Friday. For some people, Good Friday. But any full post I could write about my
17 min read
Dark purple violets with green, curling, wedgelike leaves, surrounded by lighter purple phlox blosso

First Quarter: Choosing spring seeds

It's Friday. Hello. This week, I think more than I've really yet achieved here, I have thoughts that are far
15 min read